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Xerox 1012
Xerox 1012
This refill kit is used to refill the toner cartridge found primarily in the Xerox 1012 400g. The 1012 OPC cartridges look very similar to the5011 and 5012, but they are different and NOT interchangeable. There are now many different Xerox part numbers for these cartridges. They are interchangeable, just sold from different sources. A list of some of them is as follows: 13R8 (US), 13R10, 13R30, 113R92 (Retail Stores), and 13R500. This cartridge uses an optical reset similar to the Panasonic 4410. The waste chamber must be spotless, and the float in the down position. There is a clear plastic bubble on top of the cartridge. This is what the sensor looks at and it must be spotless! The J7 code is triggered when the waste chamber fills up and moves the float into the bubble, interrupting the optical sensor.
Price: $40.99
Xerox 1025
Xerox 1025
This refill kit is used to refill the toner cartridge found primarily in the Xerox 1025 227g.
Price: $25.99

Xerox N24/32/40
Xerox N24/32/40
This refill kit is used to refill the toner cartridge found primarily in the Xerox N24/32/40 1075g. Xerox N24 / 32 / 40 OEM Stated Yield: 20-23,000 (Depending on cartridge) This engine has more non-interchangeable cartridges than any engine I have ever seen. All of them use a "ARD" that is built into the connector. Almost every type of cartridge has it's own individual ARD. Since every individual cartridge has it?s own chip, it is imperative that you have the OEM cartridge part number when ordering the chips! The reset boards are now available with the plastic housing so that soldering the chip in is no longer necessary. There are also services where you can have the old chip reset. There are still cartridges that do not have replacement chips available yet. These are mainly international, but not all.
List Price: $299.99
Price: $49.99
Xerox Reset Chip N24/32/40
Reset chip for the Xerox N24/32/40
List Price: $48.10
Price: $22.99

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